About Us

Principal Services

SevernPlus offers an individualised service that aims to fill the gap between tertiary education and the world of work. We firmly believe that youngsters have an entitlement to lifelong learning and as such believe pathways to personal positive outcomes are best delivered through a balance of first-hand experience and accurate accreditation systems tailored to the individual. The development of social enterprise and community vocational integration is our context for learning. Severnplus primarily work with youngsters who have additional needs.

SevernPlus operate from community-based venues but have a main field centre at Angel Farm.

For all telephone enquiries, please phone 07525 336696

Angel Farm, Luckington Road, Sherston, SN16 0QA

From this centre we can offer real work experience and skills training in a range of rural skills and farm craft. We utilise a number of community partners to extend and enrich skills for life.


Our programmes are designed in partnership with all agencies involved with the individual concerned and tailored for community vocational integration with our partners and associates.

Monitoring, records and reportage

SevernPlus plan, risk assess and implement individualised programmes to work towards individual goals. We set targets and record progress and achievement for accreditation and assessment purposes. 


SevernPlus is an individualised service available 9am-3pm, Monday to Friday all year round. Our fees are negotiable and based on a daily rate. Please Contact Us for a quote or for more information.