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Having acquired the necessary skills to produce market tested quality products, CMB Timber & Estate Services can offer the following for sale. Delivery is available and can be arranged on request.
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CMB now offers a wide range of estate services which are available at very reasonable rates.

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“My son, who is on the autistic spectrum, has been working with SevernPlus since leaving college in 2016. He has a love of the outdoors and is very hands on, over the past 3 years he has learnt forestry/landscaping skills at college. His progression after college was to find a suitable enterprise that would enable him to utilise these learnt skills and develop them further in order that he can eventually move into employment whether that be paid or voluntary work. SevernPlus have provided hands on support and guidance to my son since he started at SevernPlus and are developing his employability levels along with new skills and teaching him along the way about ownership and responsibility.

I am a great believer in that employment is not only about money it’s about being part of your community, taking responsibility for your own life, making friends and connections and developing skills. Autistic people can make effective and highly valued employees but unfortunately traditional recruitment and work practices often prevent many talented, motivated people from accessing and being successful in employment. However, SevernPlus have worked with my son to create a bespoke package that is tailored to his needs and this is helping him to grow in confidence in his abilities.

I can’t recommend SevernPlus highly enough as for me the bottom line is that my son is happy and progressing.”

– Mother